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It's been quite a while, but I've finally updated DisableTextAds to fix IntelliTxt blocking and add support for several new networks. You can grab the new script here or head over to to install it. GreaseMonkey required, of course.

To those asking for support for GreaseMonkey-like frameworks in other browsers: I hear you. I've considered updating the script to block all the modern networks as my first priority; now that that's done, I'll start porting.

Oh, one other thing: I've put the code up on GitHub. Send me a pull request if you start hacking.

Seriously. Don't Vote.

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Bright, funny, and vaguely relevant. Have you registered yet?

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From John:

1. Take a picture of yourself right now.
2. Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair…just take a picture.
3. Post that picture with NO editing.
4. Post these instructions with your picture.

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Mark at dinner last night

Note the pajama top. Mark insisted on wearing it because it had 'Naaams' (airplanes) on it.

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Mark vs. The Fountain

Mark playing in a fountain at University Village. I'm not sure who won, but it was a spirited effort from both sides.

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Hiatus over (sorta)


Okay, so I'm terrible at adding new content to my blog. I'm so rarely at a desk able to type up new entries that blogging becomes something I have to do in my in-between moments, and I haven't found a blogging engine thus far that allows me to work effectively from a BlackBerry. I've been Twittering quite a bit more, as there's a decent twitter client for the BB (I refuse to pony up for an SMS plan just to twitter, especially when decent native clients abound), but Twitter's a far cry from blogging: no pictures, no music, no real formatting. It's pure stream of consciousness for the most part, though that might also be related to the audience as much as the format.

And now I'm going on vacation for a week to lovely Lake Tahoe, CA for the 4th of July holiday - why would I choose to post now, since I'm just going to let things go dark for yet another week? Well, because I'm trying something new. See, there's a middle ground between blogging and twittering - it's called tumblelogging micro-blogging, as created (I believe) by Tumblr. Tumblelogging lets the blog engine do most of the work and expects short, simple text or multimedia content as input. Perfect for my typical style of information sharing. However, Given my heavy reliance on a BlackBerry as a primary means of communication, I've elected to try out micro-blogging over at newcomer Posterous instead. They allow email input and simply Do The Right Thing with whatever's attached to the emails - photos, music, video or simple links.

I'll continue to post here about technical matters - modem scripts, GreaseMonkey scripts and various Ruby on Rails topics. In short, this blog will become more of a public, technical platform and less about personal stuff. The fun, short stuff will live over at Posterous instead - you can check out the new hotness here. Of course my notion of fun frequently involves technical arcana, so don't be too surprised to see some stuff bleed over.

If you're a rabid early adopter like me, you've probably already installed Leopard and discovered that the original modem script doesn't work with the new OS. However, it's unlikely you then repackaged all of the modem scripts (BlackBerry 8100,8700 and 8800) into the new modem script format and made them available for download. If you did, why didn't you let me know?! You would have saved me a half-hour's worth of work. Sheesh, some people.

At any rate, if you're on Leopard and jonesing for a Bluetooth modem fix, here's what you do:

  1. Download the new scripts. One download for all phone models!
  2. Unzip that file into Macintosh HD:Library:Modem Scripts. The same location th old script lived. If successful, you should see a new directory named BlackBerry.ccl there.
  3. Pair your phone as usual - when asked for the phone's Vendor and Model, choose 'Research in Motion' and whatever model of phone you have. I'm not a mind reader, you know.
  4. The username, password and phone number fields should be filled in with the same values as before; namely, whatever is appropriate for your carrier. Check the forums if you're not sure.

That's it! I'd like to make an installer for this to make it even more seamless, but for now this should get you going. As always, let me know if you run into problems and I'll try to help.

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